Who We Are

Rooted in the Ignatian tradition, the Ignatian Spirituality Centre of Montreal encourages experiences of encounter, communion, interiority, accompaniment, and formation to help people discover their spiritual paths and to flourish.

Ignatian spirituality is grounded in the conviction that God is active in our world. It is a way of discerning God’s presence in our everyday lives.

The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius unfold a dynamic process of prayer, meditation, and self-awareness. The basic thrust is to make us more attentive to God’s activity in our world and more responsive to what God is calling us to do.

Ignatian spirituality is not merely an inward journey, much less a self-absorbed one. It aims to bring people more deeply into the world...
Gratitude, Humility, and passion for the fruition Of the other.

Meet the team

Executive Director
Director, Retreat Programming
Artist-In-Residence, Art Retreat Coordinator
Director, Formation Programming
Director, Partnerships and Groups
Director, Spiritual Accompaniment Services
Director, Community Engagement
Director, Strategy and Implementation
Operation Director / Communication


Jesuits of Canada

To love and serve things. We are expected to do anything or go anywhere to teach Jesus Christ and preach his Good News.


Theologia is a book ministry and a bookstore collaborating with the Ignatian Spirituality Centre of Montreal since 2010. They are also the exclusive distributor In North America of the Centre’s publications including books by John Wickham, S.J.

Centre de spiritualité Manrèse

Spiritual accompaniment and spiritual discernment, both personal and communal, are at the heart of its mission.

STIR Retreats

STIR (Spiritual Transformation in Recovery) offers transformative spiritual retreats and programs across Canada to people recovering from homelessness and addiction.


Enable everyone to live a meaningful, enriching and decisive experience, by enabling them to acquire the tools they need to pursue their personal history, free from the shackles and pitfalls of the past.
Territorial Acknowledgement
We recognize the Wickham Centre and Villa Saint-Martin are located on unceded traditional territory of the Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawks), historically known as a place of gathering and exchange between nations. Today, a diverse indigenous population, as well as other peoples, reside here. The ISCM is grateful for the opportunity to gather, live, and work on this land. We want to respect First Nations' past, present, and future ties to these lands, and to take them into account in our relations with First Peoples and others who live here. Our recognition is only valid if we are genuinely committed, each day and over the long term, to the important efforts of decolonization, reparation, and reconciliation.


Iakwaién:teres ne Wickham Tsi Ronkia’tarohrókstha tánon Villa Saint-Martin thò: nón:we niiokwèn:rare ronwatíhkwen tsi nihotiriho’ténhne rononhwentsiá:te ne Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawks), wahón:nise ratiienté:ri tsi ní:ioht ne ronkia’tarò:roks tanon tahontatawíhons tsi na’tehónteron ne kankeráhtsherakè:ron. Ón:wa wenhniserá:te, tehonttíhanion ne onkwehón:we ratinakerénion, tsi ní:ioht ne thihatiià:tate onkwehshòn:’a, kén:tho ratinákere. Ne ISCM tehontenonhwará:tons tsi wahonate’shennaién:ta’ne ahonkia’tarò:roke, ahati’terón:take tánon ahotiió’ten kí:ken kawehnò:ke. Teionkwatonhontsió:ni aiakhirihwakwénieenhste Kiokierénhton Kanakerahtsherakè:ron iotohétston, òn:wa nikahá:wi tánon tsi nén:we tehatí:nere kí:ken onhwentsia’shòn:’a, tánon aethiiehià:rake tsi teionkwatawén:rie skáthne ne Kiokierénhton Onkwehshòn:’a tánon thihatiià:tate tsi nihá:ti onhkarè:shon kèn:tho ratinakerénion. Onkwaienterítston thò: nék enioia’tahnirónhake tóka shí:ken kionkwarihwahsha’áhton tsi ionkwatatshén:raron, khia’tewenniserá:ke tánon ísi nón:we nikarì:wes, tsi niiorihowá:nen ronahkwíshron ne aonsahontatewenní:io’ne, aonsetewarihwakwatá:ko, tánon aonsahatirihwahseronniánion.