Formation & Workshops

Are you ready for more fulfilment in life?
Feel like making the world a better place?
Looking to cultivate a deeper relationship with God?

Spiritual formation is a process of transformation allowing us to develop an increased awareness of God’s presence in our everyday life, in a way that infuses us with more meaning, purpose, wonder and joy. Please note there is no religious or faith requirement at the ISCM.


Drawing from a long spiritual tradition, this new ISCM workshop will outline what you should be paying attention to as you make important decisions in your daily life. Using practical exercises and helpful tools, we will explore paths towards greater wisdom and alignment with God’s will for all of us.

Will be held in-person at the Wickham Centre, 25, Jarry Ouest, Montreal, QC H2P 1S6


If you’re a newcomer to Ignatian teachings or if you wish to build on your current understandings, the ISCM offers modules and programs to deepen your prayer journey.  

Please note there is no religious or faith requirement at the ISCM.

Whatever you’re doing , that which makes you feel the most alive... that’s where God is.

If you would like to explore a call to becoming a spiritual director

Programme de Formation initiale à l’aide spirituelle du Centre de spiritualité Manrèse à Montréal

Cette formation est inscriptible dans un programme de 1er cycle de la Faculté de théologie et de sciences religieuses de l’Université Laval (6 crédits).