Does your group want to promote self-awareness, opportunities for growth in dialogue and encourage an openness to others and their perspectives? Did you know focused time in a peaceful and prayerful setting can help strengthen trust, respect, and spiritual development?


ISCM retreats, workshops and other facilitated encounters are designed to encourage meditation, reflection, deep listening, communication, and learning for people of all faiths as they engage in their life journey. For decades, we have provided spiritual support to a wide variety of religious groups and diverse community organizations, including 12-Step groups, young adults, women’s associations, schools and parishes.


Our group retreats and workshops are available in person at one of our two locations, or your own space. We may also offer some of our activities online. We can create a customized proposal to suit your group’s needs. Or, if you have already developed a faith-based or fellowship activity, we may be able to provide a site where your group may benefit from our supportive and calming environment.


The Villa Saint-Martin is situated on the beautiful waterfront of the lac des Deux-Montagnes at the western tip of the Island of Montreal and is fully equipped with food, lodging, meeting rooms, and audio-visual equipment.


The Wickham Centre is now situated in the heart of Montreal in the Maison Bellarim at the corner of Jarry St. West and Saint-Laurent Blvd. This new site will allow us to provide your group with parking, a reception area, library, meeting rooms, and a welcoming chapel.


 If you have more questions on how your group can partner with the ISCM, please don’t hesitate to contact our Director of Partnerships and Groups, Dina Amicone, at [email protected] or at 514 781-3773.


If you think your group needs support, book some time with the ISCM today!

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