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What are ISCM Workshops?

The ISCM offers several different workshop formats to introduce individuals and groups to different aspects of Ignatian Spirituality. Themes include: styles of prayer, discernment, contemporary topics, listening and other skill development, personality typography, and other related programming.


Discovery Soirées, mini-retreats lasting 2-3 hours, introduce newcomers to different aspects of Ignatian spirituality.


Explore Saturdays expand on these themes, allowing participants to deepen their experience through our day-long workshops.


Spiritual Seminars are led by Ignatian experts who explore advanced Ignatian principles. They are typically 2-3 days in length.


Mini-Courses extend over several days (e.g., 6-8 Saturdays in a row) providing a deep emersion into a specific skill or Ignatian theme.

Programme de Formation initiale à l’aide spirituelle du Centre de spiritualité Manrèse à Montréal

Cette formation est inscriptible dans un programme de 1er cycle de la Faculté de théologie et de sciences religieuses de l’Université Laval (6 crédits).

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