Pillars Trust Fund’s Online Event – ASK US ANYTHING


Test workshop



February 15, 2022
- February 16, 2022
- 11:00
  • Catherine Cherry

    Catherine Cherry is a loving mother, grandmother, and steadfast friend who has a hunger for God that she shares through her sense of wonder.

    Ever learning, questioning, and questing, Catherine has been a teacher, a psychotherapist, spiritual community animator, spiritual accompanier, and retreat director with studies in science, education, fine arts, psychotherapy, theology, and spirituality.

  • Dina Amicone

    Dina Amicone is a spiritual accompanier and trainer with the ISCM. She enjoys creating spaces of encounter where people can share and deepen their experience. She is currently on a team developing a podcast on Ignatian Prayer, and is pursuing her studies in Theology.

    She has an affinity for languages and cultures and is interested in how culture and identity inform our spirituality and image of God. She is keenly interested in individual journeys and stories.


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